Episode 44: October 30, 1982

The Mid South Wrestling Television Review with Mike Mills & The Great Brian Last is back this week, looking at Mid South television from October 30, 1982, featuring:
  • Paul Boesch is here this week and is interfered by Bill Watts in the opening
  • Andre The Giant JYD, & Mil Mascaras vs. Killer Khan, Gino Hernandez, & Tully Blanchard from Houston.
  • The BIG Loser Leaves Town Match: Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia vs. Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne who is subbing for Hacksaw Jim Duggan who was arrested recently. REMEMBER, The Mid South Tag Titles are on the line and whoever takes the pin has to leave Mid South for 90 days!
  • A big promo with the winners of the big tag team match!
  • Tony Atlas vs The Grappler II
  • Gorgeous Gino Hernandez vs. Jesse Barr
  • Mr. Wrestling II vs Marty Lunde
  • Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu vs Vinnie Romeo & Tim Horner

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