Episode 54: January 8, 1983

The Mid South Wrestling Television Review with Mike Mills & The Great Brian Last returns this week, looking at Mid South television from January 8, 1983, featuring:
  • Reesor Bowden interviews Mr. Wrestling II about the mysterious stalker that has been harassing him lately.
  • Dr. Death Steve Williams returns and Bill Watts tells us why he hates sissies and country club atmospheres!
  • Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch returns to wrestle Marty Lunde in a good match.
  • An interview with Skandor Akbar and Gary Hart.
  • The Great Kabuki vs Tim Horner
  • Bill Watts clarifies what is going on with the Louisiana and Mississippi state titles and the Brass Knuckles tournament Paul Boesch has mentioned recently.
  • Gino Hernandez vs Mr. Wrestling II.
  • All of that and much more on another fun episode of the Mid South Television Review podcast!

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