Episode 105: December 31, 1983

The Mid South Wrestling Television Review with Mike Mills & The Great Brian Last is back this week, looking at Mid South television from December 31, 1983, featuring:

– Bill Watts, solo, in the studio going over recaps from the previous week (including Christmas Night in New Orleans!)

– Jim Ross again talks to  Mr. Wrestling II during Wrestling II’s training session with Magnum T.A., teaching him the knee lift – with Wrestling II’s attire during the training footage being suspect again for ridiculousness!

– Narration from Bill Watts with clips from Christmas Night 1983 from the big tag title match between Mr. Wrestling II & Magnum T.A. vs. Hacksaw Butch Reed and Jim The Anvil Neidhart in a No-DQ Cage Match where the tag titles and Mr. Wrestling II’s mask are at stake, along with someone “stepping up” as a referee for this match!

– Bill Watts’ solo commentary over the cage match is something to behold – including a story about a warning from a 14 year old boy on the match…?

– Clips from the locker room in the aftermath of the Cage Match – with interviews conducted by Jack Curtis Jr. – including Magnum T.A. & Mr. Wrestling II, and another with an IRATE Butch Reed from the opposing locker room!

– Clips once again from Christmas Night in New Orleans with Hacksaw Jim Duggan facing off against Krusher Darsow – including Watts’ thoughts on Russia, of course.

– A video about the Midnight Express, including Watts’ introduction to the video somewhat putting over the Midnight Express as a quicker, smaller team than what we’ve seen so far in Mid South. Also, Watts gives Jim Cornette a moniker that we’ve never heard him use before!

– All of that and more on another fun episode of the Mid South Television Review podcast!

Produced by Jayce Naccarato

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